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The patented GSS consists of a small ID and large OD custom extruded gas delivery hose that replaces the existing hose from your gas supply (cylinder or piped) to welder (also wire feeder or robot). It includes a special hose fitting with a peak flow restriction orifice on the welder/wire feeder end to improve weld starts. This peak flow limiting orifice reduces the initial gas surge flow rate avoiding excess turbulence and the associated air it pulls into the gas shield. The small ID and orifice, reduce the gas waste at weld start by 80 to 85% while leaving enough extra gas to quickly purge air from the weld start area. Note: Gas Flow Rate, while welding, is set with existing Flowmeter, Regulator/Flowgauge or Orifice at the gas supply to whatever rate is desired. However if welders are setting excessively high gas flow rates (we have measured 150 CFH at the MIG gun nozzle when flowmeter knobs are opened a half turn from where the flow ball pinned to the top of the tube) then the GSS will limit flow to a minimum turbulent rate of about half of what can be set on a wide open flowmeter! This is more flow than needed for any MIG nozzle size, welding current, gas used or allowable drafts.

Download the complete 23 page PDF (MIG Shielding Gas Control and Optimization)  for all the science and history of this patented device .  Or watch the youtube videos featured on this page.



The GSS offers two types of fittings, the most commonly used hose fittings for industrial MIG and TIG welders (i.e. Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, some ESAB – and many smaller welders sold by these major US manufactures, is the standard Compressed Gas Association (CGA) fitting for Inert Gas, called a CGA 032 or “B” fitting.  If either your welder, feeder, Robot welder or regulator use another type of gas hose connection, such as a hose barb, or if only a gas hose exits your welder, you can purchase a GSS with a “Splice Fitting” installed on one or both ends.  See installation guide for more information about how this system will work for you.  Installing the Gas Saver System (GSS™)


Overview of Gas Saver System

The GSS is a Patented Gas Delivery Hose incorporating a Surge Limiter That Can Save 50% of MIG Shielding Gas Use and Improve Weld Start Quality.

Easy Installation: Simply remove your existing gas delivery hose from gas supply to feeder or welder. Just replace it with the GSS. The end fittings employ the same threaded connections used on most commercial wire feeders/welders and gas supply regulators or flowmeters.

The Problem – Excess Shielding Gas stored in the delivery hose when welding is stopped is wasted every time the MIG torch switch is energized, even when just inching the wire. The excess can exceed the amount of gas used while welding! Inferior weld starts result from the high gas surge flow pulling air into the shielding gas stream.
The Gas Saver System solves this surge flow problem. The system employs a custom made gas delivery hose with 75% less volume than conventional hoses. A surge flow restrictor further reduces waste to over 80% and improves starts. The surge restrictor does not limit normal gas flow settings.
How much excess gas can be stored in a 1/4 inch delivery hose? Up to 6 times the physical hose volume! To see why CLICK.

Superior Starts are achieved by limiting surge flow velocity to an acceptable level by the use of an integrated surge flow restrictor. The patented design maintains system pressure to retain automatic flow compensation built into standard gas delivery systems since the invention of MIG and TIG! High pressure also helps to quickly provide a controlled amount of extra gas at the weld start to purge air from the torch nozzle and weld start zone.

The GSS Has No Moving Parts to wear or maintain or knobs to adjust.
It is inexpensive with Payback measured in weeks.